Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan Statement on his Performance


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 has been a rollercoaster of excitement for cricket fans worldwide. Among the many shining stars, India’s fast bowler, Mohammed Shami, has carved a special place for himself by becoming the leading wicket-taker in the tournament’s history from India. Shami’s stunning performance, with 16 wickets in just four innings at an average of 7 and an economy of 4.30, has taken the cricketing world by storm. However, amid all the cricketing frenzy, Shami’s Ex wife, Hasin Jahan, was recently interviewed by a news channel and asked to comment on her ex-husband’s remarkable performance.

Hasin Jahan Interview:

During the interview, His Wife statements about Shami’s performance in the World Cup and her personal feelings towards him created quite a buzz. Hasin Jahan’s perspective offers a glimpse into the complex dynamics of their personal relationship.

“I don’t watch cricket, nor am I a fan of cricketers. I don’t understand the game, hence I’m unaware of his performance. If he’s performing well and playing well, it will help him seal his place in the team and also help him earn more, which will secure our future. So, there’s nothing better than that” Jahan stated, shedding light on her lack of interest in the sport but her acknowledgment of the importance of Shami’s success for their family’s well-being.

Furthermore, when asked to extend her best wishes to Shami and the Indian team for the ongoing World Cup, Jahan expressed a mixed sentiment. “I will surely give best wishes to team India but not him,” she added.

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Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan Relationship Analysis:

His Wife statements are a reflection of the complex relationship she shares with Mohammed Shami. Their separation, which gained significant media attention, has made headlines for various reasons, including allegations of domestic issues and legal disputes.

It is clear that Jahan’s primary concern is the financial well-being of her family, which includes her daughter. While she may not have a personal interest in cricket, she recognizes the importance of Shami’s success in securing their future. This statement reflects a practical approach to her ex-husband’s career, emphasizing the financial support it can provide.

On the other hand, her refusal to extend best wishes to Shami, even though she wishes the best for the Indian team, hints at the unresolved emotions and personal issues that continue to exist between them. It underlines the fact that despite their separation, the relationship remains complex and strained.


Hasin Jahan’s recent statement on Mohammed Shami’s performance in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 provides a unique insight into their personal equation. Her acknowledgment of the significance of Shami’s success for their family’s financial stability and her refusal to wish him well reveal the ongoing complexities in their relationship. Amidst the cricketing glory, this interview reminds us that there are personal stories and emotions that extend beyond the boundaries of the cricket field.

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