Afghanistan Will find bowlers who can bowl at 150kmph in 5-10 Years

Afghanistan Will find bowlers who can bowl at 150kmph
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Cricket in Afghanistan is undergoing a transformative phase, and the emergence of their pace bowling unit is a testament to their evolution. Hamid Hassan, the new pace bowling coach, has ignited a resurgence in Afghanistan’s fast bowling, leading the way for their upcoming challenge against Pakistan in a three-match ODI series. With an enriched pace attack, Afghanistan’s cricketing landscape is diversifying beyond their spin-dominated tradition.

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A Shift in Focus:

Historically known for their spin prowess, Afghanistan cricket is embracing change. Hamid Hassan, who stepped in as the pace bowling coach, is orchestrating a remarkable shift in their playing style. Over the past years, additions like Fazalhaq Farooqi and others have fortified the pace unit. While spinners continue to play a vital role, the pace bowlers are rising to the forefront, ready to make their mark on the international stage.

Breaking the Mold:

The Afghan cricket journey has seen different phases, with spinners leading the way for a significant period. The scenario has evolved since, with the arrival of exceptional talents like Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi. However, Afghanistan’s pace unit was never dormant. Hassan notes that during the initial ten years of Afghanistan’s cricketing journey, there were notable fast bowlers as well.

Hassan emphasizes that the dependence on spin bowling during matches was strategic, but it doesn’t negate the presence of talented fast bowlers in their ranks. The transition from being complementary figures to becoming frontline contributors is a reflection of their determination and growth.

A New Era Dawns of Afghanistan:

As Afghanistan prepares to face Pakistan in a three-match ODI series in Sri Lanka, the pace bowling unit is poised to showcase its mettle. Hassan’s guidance has instilled a renewed sense of responsibility among the fast bowlers. No longer content with playing second fiddle, these pacers are eager to establish themselves as vital assets and create a harmonious partnership with the spinners.

Hassan’s Vision:

Hamid Hassan’s appointment as the pace bowling coach in March marked a significant milestone. His vision is to nurture a well-rounded bowling attack that seamlessly blends the strengths of both pace and spin. This strategic evolution aims to provide Afghanistan with a versatile and formidable bowling arsenal that can adapt to various conditions and opponents.


Afghanistan’s cricketing journey continues to be a source of inspiration and growth. Under the stewardship of pace bowling coach Hamid Hassan, the rise of their pace bowling unit signifies a broader transformation in their approach to the game. With a blend of seasoned spinners and resolute pacers, Afghanistan’s cricketing narrative is evolving, reflecting a team that is ready to embrace new challenges and emerge as a formidable force on the global stage.

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